Huntington Beach Wetlands Salt Marsh Bird’s Beak Outplanting

Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy was previously granted funding for the outplanting of one new population of Salt Marsh Bird’s Beak (SMBB) in Southern California at Magnolia Marsh in the Huntington Beach Wetlands. An initial experimental outplanting was performed in winter of 2015-16 and germination of 199 plants successfully occurred in the winter of 2016-17. The … Continued

Restoring Audubon Starr Ranch Riparian Woodlands with Community Participation

The project enabled Audubon Starr Ranch, through the work of interns and volunteers (consisting of students, scout troops, nearby community members), to remove invasive plants without chemicals and restore both herbaceous and native woody species in a pristine riparian corridor at the 4,000 acre Audubon Starr Ranch. Audubon Starr Ranch addressed the challenge of dead … Continued

Refugio Creek Arundo Removal

The proposed project enabled South Coast Habitat Restoration (SCHR) and partner organizations, the Land Trust and Channel Islands Restoration, to remove 35 A. donax patches. A. donax is one of four high priority invasive species targeted for control by the Santa Barbara County Weed Management Area, and is rated “A-1” on the California Exotic Pest … Continued

Rabbit Island Restoration Education Initiative

The Rabbit Island Restoration & Education Initiative project restored 2-acres of infested dune area on a 55-acre island in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve known as Rabbit Island. The project will protect and restore a coastal wetland ecosystem by enhancing a diverse salt marsh and dune habitat conducive to supporting an array of native plants … Continued

Ormond Beach Community Restoration Project

The project area contains unique upland and beach habitats of Ormond Beach. However, the site has several challenges that impacts its habitat and recreation value such as proximity to a Superfund site, prior use of the site as a homeless encampment, and invasive plants. The project area is broken into 3 segments: the island, the … Continued

Ocean Connectors: Paradise Creek

The Tides Center/Marine Education Project in prior years has conducted an Environmental Leader Internship Program that trains ethnically diverse cohorts of college students as Environmental Leaders to prepare and lead programs. This proposed project funded interns to train high school students from diverse and underserved communities in Orange County to participate in the restoration project … Continued

Lower Ventura River Habitat Restoration

The Lower Ventura River Habitat Restoration Project removed invasive plant species in the Ventura River. The project utilized volunteer labor to remove harmful invasive species such as Arundo, Tobacco Tree, and Castor Bean. The Ventura Land Trust also leveraged this opportunity to educate volunteers about the negative impacts of invasive species in the Ventura River … Continued

EDI Explorers: River Rangers

The project site was an approximately 100-acre area of the Sweetwater River in the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge) managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Fourth grade students first visited an upland area adjacent to the Sweetwater River and then went down to a riparian zone along the banks of … Continued

Crown Point Bank Restoration at Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve

Crown Point Bank Restoration at Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve project removed invasive plants around a .3-acre western section of Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve and restored the bank with native plants suitable in the ecotone. The project improved habitat for the animal species that use this marshland (including the federally-endangered Ridgway’s Rail), lowered long-term maintenance costs … Continued

Community Olympia Oyster Restoration in the Jack Dunster Marine Reserve

In June 2012, Orange County Coastkeeper (OCC), in partnership with California State University Fullerton (CSUF), California State University Long Beach (CSULB), and KZO Education, restored Olympia oyster habitat at the Jack Dunster Marine Reserve (JDMR) in Alamitos Bay. Teams of researchers, students, and community volunteers laid a new oyster bed using “dead” Pacific oyster shell … Continued

Canada Larga Creek Hayden Preserve Restoration

With the help of local community volunteers and students, this project will remove Arundo donax and trash along the 2 acre area of the Hayden Preserve Property. The project will also provide science-service learning activities and educational field trips along the Ventura River.