Colorado Lagoon: Salt Marsh and Transition Zone Adaptive

The Colorado Lagoon Community-Based Salt Marsh and Transition Zone Adaptive Management Project will utilize approximately 1,500 community volunteers and local students to perform various salt marsh and transition zone restoration activities within and adjacent to the 33-acre Colorado Lagoon.

Kalorama Wetland Restoration and Community Education Project

The Kalorama Wetland is located in Ventura, California at the mouth of a storm drain outlet, which was historically fed by its associated barranca and consisted of meandering streams along the beach. The site has relatively low native plant species richness and high non-native plant species richness. These non-native species are spreading and outcompeting the … Continued

Compton Creek Pilot Restoration

This project will promote significant ecological benefits to the Compton Creek Watershed through hands-on cleanup and restoration activities and promote long-term stewardship of the soft-bottom portion of Compton Creek through community-based education and involvement. In addition to achieving measureable, on-the-ground restoration, the project will facilitate community involvement in restoration activities through its partnership with the … Continued

Santa Margarita River Habitat Improvement

This project will improve steelhead habitat in the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve through invasive vegetation and non-native aquatic species removal and localized sediment reduction within a three-mile section of the Santa Margarita River.

Lower Topanga Riparian Oak Restoration

This project will reforest historic riparian oak woodlands in the lower Topanga Creek and engage students and community volunteers in riparian corridor ecology, restoration and stewardship.

Potrero Creek Restoration

Volunteers will assist in a 24 acre restoration project on Potrero Creek in the Calleguas Creek watershed by planting native plant species

Watershed Avengers

This project aimed to integrate strong cross-sector collaboration and capacity building, education provided through-out the year, restoration of a highly degraded canyon, enhancement of a school garden, and youth-led events that mobilized volunteers to learn about and contribute to restoration efforts. Combined, these components were meant to result in the engagement of the non-traditional environmental … Continued

Emma Wood State Beach Estuary Enhancement and Education Project

Invasive vegetation was removed from the Ventura River during monthly community volunteer events to restore habitat and ecological function in the Ventura River Estuary. Underpriviledged students were educated on wetland science in classroom presentations and on field trips in the estuary.

South Bay Restoration Program

Low-income youth and families from National city in San Diego County were engaged to restore six acres of wetland, upland and riverine habitats in the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Santa Barbara Zoo Wetland Margin Enhancement

The project removed key invasive plant species and planted native plants at the Santa Barbara Zoo on the perimetere of the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, primarily using volunteers and emphasizing community involvement/education of zoo visitors and other community members.