Wetland acquisition, planning, and restoration projects in coastal Southern California


View the 2017 WRP Work Plan here.

View Potential Project Feasibility Criteria here.

View the Pre-proposal Template here.

The Wetlands Recovery Project Work Plan contains proposed preservation/ acquisition, restoration, and enhancement projects that will further the goals identified in the Regional Strategy. Projects are evaluated per ecological, policy, and feasibility criteria that are based on regional goals, and are vetted by the 18 member agencies that comprise the Wetland Managers group.

Subsequent to this vetting process, the Work Plan is adopted by the Directors Group at their annual meeting. The adopted Work Plan is a valuable tool for communicating regional priorities and funding needs, and for facilitating WRP partner agency collaboration. However, being on the Work Plan does not necessarily guarantee project funding.

The Work Plan is periodically updated through a Request for Proposals process. While an RFP for the Work Plan is only released every few years, project proposals can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the Wetland Managers Group. Although an RFP is not currently circulating, you may be eligible for an out-of-cycle addition. If you have a project that you want to have considered for an out-of-cycle Work Plan addition and you believe meets the Work Plan project requirements and, importantly, has critical timing associated with it, please contact WRP support staff.