Leading researchers and practitioners guiding WRP actions with sound science

The Science Advisory Panel (SAP) consisted of leading researchers and restoration practitioners in fields related to wetlands science. They identified key scientific questions, developed position papers for the Directors Group consideration, and worked with the Wetland Managers Group to ensure that management decisions were based in sound science. The SAP attracted over $3 million dollars in grants and in-kind services from agencies such as NOAA, EPA, FWS, and USGS to develop regional wetlands assessment models and tools that helped us measure progress towards our regional goals.


Science Advisory Panel Members

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Eric Stein

University of California, Los Angeles
Richard Ambrose

University of San Francisco
John Callaway

University of California, Davis
John Largier

San Francisco Estuary Institute
Josh Collins

California State Long Beach University
Christine Whitcraft

Chapman University
Jason Keller

Jeff Haltiner

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Martha Sutula

Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
Jeff Crooks; SAP chair

Heal the Bay
Shelley Luce

San Francisco Estuary Institute
Jeremy Lowe

University of California, San Diego
Sarah Giddings