Ormond Beach Community Restoration Project

Location: Ventura County

Project Type: Restoration

Status: Completed

Cost: $30,000

Area Affected: 35 acres

Assembly District: 44

Senate District: 19

Congressional District: 26

Project Lead/Grantee:
City of Oxnard (Eric Humel; eric.humel@oxnard.org)

The project area contains unique upland and beach habitats of Ormond Beach. However, the site has several challenges that impacts its habitat and recreation value such as proximity to a Superfund site, prior use of the site as a homeless encampment, and invasive plants. The project area is broken into 3 segments: the island, the triangle, and the beach. The proposed project will address the impacts to habitat by removing invasive plants in the area, removing at least 10 tons of trash and debris remaining from the homeless encampment sites that were removed in January 2019, and planting native plants. City Corps trainees will remove the trash and debris, cut and remove invasive plants, and prepare the planting sites. Native replanting will be done by the City of Oxnard’s City Corps program and the City of Oxnard’s After School Education and Safety Program, and residents.