Ventura River Parkway

Location: Ventura County

Project Type: Acquisition

Status: Removed

Habitat Type: Erosion/Sedimentation, Exotics Control, Interpretive/Education, Public Access/Recreation, Riparian

Cost: $8,000,000

Project Footprint: 15 stream miles

Assembly District: 37

Senate District: 19

Congressional District: 26

Project Lead/Grantee:
Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (Jim Engel 805-646-7930)

This project will acquire fee title or conservation easements to create a comprehensive River Parkway along the lower 15 miles of the Ventura River that protects habitat, creates wildlife linkages and reconnects the river to its floodplain.

The Ventura River Parkway will also provide public access and educational opportunities. Work continues on discreet projects along the parkway, including: OVLC’s Steelhead Preserve Environmental Education Center feasibility study, Hatton acquisition and management plan, Spanish language outreach, and trash and invasive removal.