Devereux Slough Ocean Meadows Restoration

Location: Santa Barbara County

Project Type: Planning

Status: Current

Habitat Type: coastal wetland

Cost: $1,143,000

Acres: 113

Assembly District: 37

Senate District: 19

Project Lead/Grantee:
University of California, Santa Barbara Coal Oil Point Reserve (Cristina Sandoval, 805-893-5092)

The project is part of a coordinated effort to protect and restore 650 acres of contiguous coastal habitat (known as the Ellwood-Devereux Open Space) in perpetuity. Restoration of the slough will result in the creation of 57 acres of wetland habitat, including 24 acres of intermittently tidal estuarine wetlands and 56 acres of upland and transitional habitat. The project will improve water quality in the slough by removing the current golf course, will provide increased buffer area for storm surges and predicted sea level rise, and increase permeable surfaces, and expand the capacity of the Devereux Creek floodplain. Fill material removed from the property as part of restoration activities will facilitate restoration of the neighboring 69-acre property, which needs additional soil.

The property provides a critical connection between adjacent areas of protected open space and lower Devereux Slough. Restoration of the property will also provide an unprecedented opportunity to create a wildlife corridor linking the Goleta Slough to the east with the existing protected lands to the west and south of the project site.