Topanga Creek Restoration Program

Location: Los Angeles County

Project Type: Restoration

Status: Completed

Habitat Type: Riparian

Date Completed: 2014

Area Affected: 12, 400 acres acres

Project Footprint: 52,800 ft stream miles

Assembly District: 50

Senate District: 27

Project Lead/Grantee:
Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains (310-455-1172)

This project removed the Rodeo Grounds berm and restored riparian habitat in Topanga Creek. Berm removal resulted in 3000 linear feet of connectivity critical for migrating steelhead trout, as well as invasive species removal and establishment of native wetland and riparian communities on over 12 acres of floodplain. Snorkel surveys after restoration revealed trout ranging from five to eight inches using newly formed pools in the restored channel.