Santa Clara River Parkway Acquisitions

Location: Ventura County

Project Type: Acquisition

Status: Removed

Habitat Type: Erosion/Sedimentation, fish passage, Public Access/Recreation, Riparian

Cost: $14,669,411

Area Affected: 6000 acres

Project Footprint: 35 stream miles

Assembly District: 37, 44

Senate District: 19, 27

Congressional District: 24, 26

Project Lead/Grantee:
The Nature Conservancy (EJ Remson 626-403-9755)

The Santa Clara River Parkway project was authorized by the Coastal Conservancy Board to acquire and restore the river from the estuary to the Ventura County line. The project also includes a continuous trail for the 35 mile length.

With its partner the Nature Conservancy, the Coastal Conservancy has acquired 19 properties, 3,400 acres, and 16 miles of river. The Conservancy has completed several studies including a Restoration Feasibility Study, a Two Dimensional Hydrologic Model for use in levee removal and habitat restoration planning, an Arundo Removal Strategic Plan, and a Public Access Vision Plan. Approximately 3,200 acres have been acquired along 16 miles of the lower Santa Clara River. Totlcom II acquisition complete 7/12. Heritage Valley parks acquisition complete 11/12. Teyton acquisition complete 5/13. Three other properties currently are under negotiation/contract (Contreras, Bessera, White Family Trust).