San Diego River Land Conservation Program: Hanlon-Walker Acquisition

Location: San Diego County

Project Type: Acquisition

Status: Completed

Habitat Type: Riparian

Cost: $2,144,500

Area Affected: 105 acres

Project Footprint: 1.3 stream miles

Assembly District: 71

Senate District: 38

Congressional District: 50

Project Lead/Grantee:
San Diego River Conservancy (619-645-3183)

This project purchased approximately 105-acres and 1.3 miles of riparian habitat along the San Diego River at the Hanlon- Walker Property in the City of Santee.

Through acquisition, the San Diego River Land Conservation Program aimed to create a contiguous riparian corridor along 52 miles of the San Diego River that would reach from its headwaters near Julian to its mouth at the Pacific Ocean. This program would ensure and enhance the protection of riparian corridors, the restoration and preservation of wetlands and habitat systems, the improvement of water quality and the provision of access for recreation and education. The Land Conservation Program would implement the San Diego River Conservancy’s Five Year Strategic and Infrastructure Plan.

The Hanlon/Walker properties constitute a critical linkage that is central to the River Conservancy’s Strategic Plan. Protection of Hanlon/Walker properties secures a contiguous riparian corridor from the City of Santee to the El Monte Valley. The properties contain two major sand mining ponds, a portion of a Tank Hill and twelve acres that is the current location of the RCP brick manufacturing company. Sand mining operations on the properties are nearing completion and the owners are eager to sell. The City of Santee proposed that 90% of the property be placed in the Santee MSCP sub area plan.