Loma Alta Slough Wetlands Enhancement Project – Phase 2 Implementation

Location: San Diego County

Project Type: Restoration, Restoration Planning

Status: Current

Cost: $2,688,400

Funding Gap: $2,688,400

Area Affected: 6.8 acres

Assembly District: 76

Senate District: 36

Congressional District: 49

Project Lead/Grantee:
City of Oceanside – Water Utilities Department, Justin Gamble (jgamble@oceansideca.org)

Loma Alta Slough is a small creek mouth estuary in the City of Oceanside, which is a small coastal community in Northern San Diego County, where approximately 40% of the City’s total population is classified as a disadvantaged community. Intermittently opening estuaries such as the Loma Alta Slough provide unique habitats for coastally-dependent species, such as the endangered tidewater goby, but the estuary must be in healthy condition to maintain these important functions. Watershed urbanization, degraded water quality, and wetland fill have degraded the health of Loma Alta Slough. Poor water quality in the Slough leads to public health concerns at the popular nearby Buccaneer Beach.

The Phase 2 of the Loma Alta Slough Wetland Enhancement Project will restore the historic conditions and ecological functions of the Slough in order to increase wetland coverage, restore habitat for native species, improve recreational opportunities, and minimize public health risks. The project area is approximately 6.8 acres, which includes 5.8 acres of City-owned property and an additional 1 acre parcel that the City plans to acquire. The Project design will consider removing fill and restoring wetlands where possible, which will allow for expansion of the existing stream channel and/or restoration of historic wetland habitats.