El Dorado Wetlands Restoration Plan

Location: Los Angeles County

Project Type: Restoration Planning

Status: Completed

Habitat Type: Tidal Wetland

Cost: $100,000

Area Affected: 20 acres

Assembly District: 55

Senate District: 14

Congressional District: 47

Project Lead/Grantee:
City of Long Beach (Dennis Eschen, 562-570-3130)

This project prepared a plan to restore up to 20 acres of wetlands at the confluence of the San Gabriel River and Coyote Creek, adjacent to El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach.

A study was undertaken to determine the technological and biological feasibility of the restoration and treatment of wetlands and stream corridors in El Dorado Regional Park and the South of Willow site along the San Gabriel River and Coyote Creek in Long Beach. The goal of the study was to increase wetlands habitat along the River and Creek, provide for groundwater recharge, increase hydrologic function in the Park’s lakes and streams, enhance passive recreation and educational opportunities, reduce dependency on potable water, and enhance water quality in the San Gabriel River, including the ocean/river tidal area.