Devereux Slough Margin Enhancement

Location: Santa Barbara County

Project Type: Restoration

Status: Completed

Habitat Type: Tidal Wetland

Project Lead/Grantee: Santa Barbara County Audubon Society

Project Lead Website:

This project will complete a long-term goal of the Coal Oil Point Reserve, to remove ice plant completely from the margins of Devereux Slough.  New Zealand spinach infestations have been removed several times; however, the seedbank remains active and follow-up monitoring is planned by the COPR staff and future volunteers. The combination of volunteers and restoration interns is a successful model for restoration implementation.  For one-time volunteers, they are exposed to stewardship and restoration concepts.  For interns who participate 10-11 times over a quarter, they get an in-depth exposure, learning native and non-native plants, plant propagation and seed collection, planting and maintaining natives, and weed control techniques.