Coyote Creek Watershed Plan

Location: Los Angeles County

Project Type: Restoration Planning

Status: Completed

Date Completed: 2007

Cost: $3,400,000

Area Affected: 147 sq miles acres

Assembly District: 70

Senate District: 34

Congressional District: 47

Project Lead/Grantee:
County of Orange (Beatrice Musacchia, 714-834-3031)

This project prepared a Watershed Management Plan for Coyote Creek, a tributary to the San Gabriel River. The Coyote Creek Watershed Management Plan (Plan) provides a blueprint for improving the health of the watershed through multi-objective projects, policies and site design guidelines.

This plan takes a more systematic approach by considering total watershed functioning for maximum social, economic and environmental benefit. All stakeholders are considered. By acknowledging roles each stakeholder can play, any individual or organization can participate in achieving the vision for this watershed.

The cumulative benefits of implementing these strategies throughout the watershed will result in a ‘green infrastructure’ which, over time, will achieve the Plan vision of “Thriving communities living sustainably within a healthy Coyote Creek Watershed.” The Plan offers a different approach to land and water management, one that is more responsive to watershed and ecosystem “boundaries” rather than political jurisdictions or landownership boundaries.