Cold Creek Riparian Acquisitions: Part 2

Location: Los Angeles County

Project Type: Acquisition

Status: Removed

Habitat Type: Public Access/Recreation, Riparian

Cost: $1,290,000

Area Affected: 107.7 acres

Project Footprint: 3200 ft stream miles

Assembly District: 50

Senate District: 27

Congressional District: 33

Project Lead/Grantee:
Mountains Restoration Trust (Jo Kitz 818-591-1701)

This project acquired properties to be included as part of the 1319-acre Cold Creek Preserve include wetland, riparian and upland habitat along Cold Creek, which is a perennial tributary to Malibu Creek. The subject acquisitions will continue the 20-year acquisition strategy of the State Coastal Conservancy-funded Cold Creek Restoration Plan to acquire properties integral to the preservation of Cold Creek, a wild, pure and scenic stream in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The Cold Creek high trail acquisition was completed a few years ago.

Cold Creek Preserve is located in the north central flank of the Santa Monica Mountains and owned by The Mountains Restoration Trust. Cold Creek is one of the few perennial water systems in the area, and is subsequently a major upland tributary of Malibu Creek. The watershed’s boundaries extend above Mulholland Highway, while the area drained by Cold Creek is about 4.5 miles from a high point at Saddle Peak.

Cold Creek is home to a number of unique plants and animals. Locally-rare plant species include Plummer’s baccharis, deergrass, stream orchid, yellow-throated phacelia, big-leaf maple, red shank and Humboldt lily. A number of species that are indicated as “threatened” on the endangered species list also call Cold Creek home. These animals are the Cooper’s hawk, mountain quail, yellow warbler, prairie falcon, golden eagle, horned lizard, coastal western whiptail, silvery legless lizard, patch-nosed snake, ring-necked snake, San Diego mountain king snake, two-striped garter snake, desert wood rat, ringtail and three bat species.