Batiquitos Lagoon Exotics Removal and Revegetation

Location: San Diego County

Project Type: Restoration

Status: Current

Cost: $550,000

Funding Gap: $350,000

Area Affected: 16 acres

Assembly District: 76

Senate District: 36

Congressional District: 49

Project Lead/Grantee: Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation (Fred Sandquist, 760-918-2408)

Project Lead Website:

The Batiquitos Lagoon is a 544-acre State Ecological Reserve with over 19 special-status species including the California Least tern, Western snowy plover, and light-footed Ridgway’s Rail. Batiquitos suffers from invasion of multiple non-native plant species and these invasive plans have degraded the habitat of the lagoon and its upland transition areas. Left uncontrolled, invasive vegetation will further encroach on the limited and fragmented natural habitats that exist in and around Batiquitos Lagoon.

The project focus area is approximately 20 acres of riparian and wetland habitat adjacent to the northern portion of the Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve. The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation uses their cadre of volunteers, and relationships with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (the landowner), the City of Carlsbad, and the Nature Collective to assist with invasive plant and tree treatment and removal. This project will restore habitat using a multi-year phased approach, with a focus on replacing non-native trees (such as eucalyptus and palms) and plants with appropriate native species to improve bird nesting habitat. Success and long-term management of the project will be the Lagoon Foundation’s ongoing maintenance program, with an emphasis on community involvement and volunteerism.