Ventura River Parkway Properties

This project involved local students and other volunteers in completing a baseline biological survey and restoration needs assessment and site cleanup activities for approximately 18 acres of riparian/wetland habitat located within the Ventura River Parkway Plan area. The project also produced a stewardship plan focused on onsite restoration needs in context of the Ventura River … Continued

Bayview Habitat Restoration Project

The project completed and integrated four nearly restored projects into one complete 10 acre restoration of coastal sage scrub, native grassland, riparian and upper salt marsh habitat. The work involved the temporary fencing and revegetation of areas damaged by illegal trail activity, and the remediation of other areas that were unsuitable for community-based planting activities … Continued

Zedler Marsh Meadows and Hellman Lowlands Restoration at Los Cerritos Wetlands

This project expanded the community-based restoration efforts at Los Cerritos Wetlands to the newly purchased Hellman Ranch Lowlands, while restoring the plant community in 6 acres of alkali meadow in the Zedler Marsh restoration area. This work will be incorporated into a public program focused on wetlands education, community outreach, stewardship and conservation for the … Continued

Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration

The project controlled the spread of 60 to 100 sites of Arundo donax within a 3.5 mile stretch of Bouquet Canyon creek utilizing integrated pest management. The sites were revegetated with native plant species endemic to the region (Baccharis salicifolia, Artemesia californica, and Quercus agrifolia) in order to enhance the natural ecology and preserve biodiversity.

West Barranca Riparian Restoration

This project restored the riparian ecosystem of the lower West Barranca Riparian corridor in Ojai’s Libbey Park. The restoration removed garbage, debris, and non-native plants, and revegetated the area with native plants. The project was implemented by approximately 85 local high school and college students and their adult supervisors, and also worked with the City … Continued

Cañada del Puerto Santa Cruz Island

This project engaged four student groups in an experiential creek restoration on Santa Cruz Island. Growing Solutions has constructed a native plant nursery to be used for island restoration projects. This grant allowed a test run of the nursery and educated students by implementing a restoration project on the banks of Cañada Del Puerto, the … Continued

Goleta Slough Urban Interface Restoration

This project involved students and volunteers in the hands-on restoration of a 5-acre portion of Goleta Slough, providing practical educational workshops. The restoration helped reverse wetland degradation and symptoms of urban development through weed removal and revegetation, enhanced the rare species plant population within the airport property, and banked wetland habitat against the possibility of … Continued

Devereux Slough North Shore Margin Enhancement

Devereux Slough is a coastal estuary on the U.C. Santa Barbara West Campus managed by the UC Natural Reserve System Coal Oil Point Reserve. The 157-acre reserve encompasses the estuary, sand dune habitat, a dune swale and associated pond, and surrounding uplands and has the primary missions of conservation, education, research and public outreach. The … Continued