Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration Plan: Preliminary Design, Engineering, and EIR

Location: San Diego County

Project Type: Restoration Planning

Status: Completed

Habitat Type: Erosion/Sedimentation, Public Access, Tidal Wetland, Water Quality

Cost: $1,700,000

Area Affected: 220 acres

Assembly District: 76

Senate District: 36

Congressional District: 49

Project Lead/Grantee:
California Department of Fish and Wildlife (916-445-0411)

Following the completion of the Buena Vista Lagoon Feasibility Analysis in 2004, partners collaborated on multiple stages of an environmental impact report to weigh the restoration options outlined in the Feasibility Analysis.

The Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration Plan outlined three basic options for lagoon restoration: 1) maintain the lagoon as primarily a freshwater system; 2) restore tidal circulation to the maximum extent possible; or 3) restore tidal circulation to a portion of the lagoon. The Department of Fish and Wildlife, Coastal Conservancy, and Buena Vista Lagoon Foundation worked with the resource agencies, Cities of Oceanside and Carlsbad, and local interest groups to refine a preferred alternative. Once identified, preliminary design plans and an environmental review document were prepared.