Santa Margarita River Fish Passage Project

Project Type: Restoration

Status: Current

Cost: $605,395

Assembly District: 75

Senate District: 38

Congressional District: 50

Project Lead/Grantee:
Southern California Steelhead Coalition (Sandra Jacobson, 858-414-1518)

33.4091225, -117.2198715

Project Overview:

This project will provide design plans for remediation of two key steelhead passage barriers on Santa Margarita River: an abandoned Sandia Creek ford river crossing, and a currently active Sandia Creek bridge that crosses the Santa Margarita River near Sandia Creek.

This project leverages earlier funding for the SMR Steelhead Assessment led by Trout Unlimited- South Coast Chapter, and furthers effective fish passage work in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties in Southern California. The project will fund work of an environmental consultant with fish passage design engineering expertise to further evaluate and address these barriers including a site plan, grade control structure plan and sections, ford removal, civil and roadway design if needed, streambed restoration, and engineer’s cost estimate for review and approval.