San Diego Canyon Wetlands Restoration Project

Project Type: Planning

Status: Current

Habitat Type: Freshwater Wetland, Riparian

Cost: $348,000

Acres: 1,234

Stream Miles: 82,600 feet

Assembly District: 76

Senate District: 39

Congressional District: 51, 52, 53

Project Lead/Grantee:
San Diego Canyonlands (Eric Bowlby 619-284-9399)

32.74166, -117.240021

Project Overview:

As part of a multi-phased plan to restore all stream corridor wetlands within the City of San Diego, this project is aimed at producing Canyon Enhancement Action Plans for 1,234 canyon acres (wetlands and upland slopes) and 82,600 feet (15.6 miles) of stream corridor in nine (9) urban canyons. Funding covered the required mapping and existing conditions analyses, stakeholder planning program, and necessary permitting to restore wetlands in these nine canyons. All nine project canyons have been prioritized for their contribution to the City of San Diego’s Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP), and because of opportunities to help address pollution issues in the Pueblo and San Diego River watersheds. This project is an expansion of San Diego Canyon Land’s (SDCL) successful Canyon Enhancement Planning (CEP) program, which serves as the model for planning enhancement and restoration of San Diego’s unique network of 150+ urban canyons.

With the assistance of environmental, landscape and GIS professionals who serve on SDCL’s Canyon Enhancement Planning Committee, SDCL will continue its successful CEP program to map existing canyon conditions (utilizing a mix of GIS interns from local universities and consultants) and facilitate stakeholder planning workshops for each project canyon. With key stakeholder input, SDCL will ultimately produce Enhancement Action Plans for each canyon that include priority wetland and upland restoration areas, trails identified to close or improve, and other enhancements that will reduce habitat fragmentation, erosion and other degradation. Also, with the help of an as-needed contract with AECOM Design + Planning and/or other consultants, the project will identify potential wetland expansion, streambed stabilization and ten LID projects that capture, control and/or reduce erosive source waters through the canyons. Concurrently, SDCL will bolster the existing “Canyon Friends Groups” established for each of these canyons, to support and implement planned projects to the degree possible, and provide sustainable stewardship for all canyon projects.