Newland Marsh Acquisition

Project Type: Acquisition

Status: Current

Cost: Confidential

Acres: 44

Assembly District: 67

Senate District: 35

Congressional District: 46

Project Lead/Grantee:
Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy (Gordon Smith, 714-536-0141)

33.6487961, -117.9871674

Project Overview:

This project acquired 44 acres of degraded coastal saltmarsh presently owned by the California Department of Transportation.

The 44 acre Newland Marsh is located along Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway, and extends behind a mobile home park all the way to Newland Street. The property is owned by CalTrans, but the Conservancy is actively negotiating with them to acquire the property. Following acquisition, it would require about 4 -5 years to secure the necessary funds, prepare the engineering, plans & specifications and complete the construction.