Gaviota State Park Watershed Restoration and Enhancement

Project Type: Planning

Status: Current

Habitat Type: Erosion/Sedimentation, Freshwater Wetland, Public Access/Recreation, Riparian, Tidal Wetland

Cost: $665,000

Acres: 2,800

Stream Miles: 7.2

Assembly District: 37

Senate District: 19

Congressional District: 24

Project Lead/Grantee:
California State Parks (Tom Dore, 805-585-1852)

34.474651, -120.228724

Project Overview:

This project will design an environmentally sensitive, all-weather stream crossing, and remove the existing entry road and stream crossing over Gaviota Creek in Gaviota State Park. Portions of a 2006 initial study by the City of Santa Barbara will inform planning and design efforts for a new park entrance and crossing, berm removal and sediment control.

The project will also develop a plan for site restoration of the lower flood plain and estuary based on the new hydraulic regime that will be created through removal of the existing entry road and a decrease in size of the current developed day use and campground area.