Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve North Shore Restoration

Batiquitos Lagoon North Shore Restoration CWRGP

Project Type: Restoration

Status: Current

Habitat Type: Exotics Control, Tidal Wetland


Project Overview:

This project will implement the first phase of an envisioned multi-phased wetland, riparian, and Coastal Sage habitat restoration program within Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve. Restoration includes replacing invasive eucalyptus trees with Torrey Pine and other more appropriate native California coastal trees to create better nesting habitat for native birds. Participants in this project are expected to include: 14 project leaders and subject area experts from the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation (BLF), CDFW, a nursery plant expert, a golf course superintendent, 16 volunteers from the general public, local colleges and universities, BLF interns, Boy and Girl Scouts, and local business and church groups.