The Wetland Managers Group consists of staff members from the public agencies that make up the WRP.  The group meets on a monthly basis to make vital decisions that guide our programmatic and project goals.   They work collaboratively to identify a set of projects for the Work Plan and other activities to implement the WRP Regional Strategy.   The group also facilitates inter-agency coordination, generates policy proposals for consideration by the Board of Governors, and coordinates technical workshops, symposia, and conferences.

The Wetlands Managers Group also works closely with the WRP Science Advisory Panel to provide input and guidance on key scientific questions and resource management tools.  Initiatives include updating the Regional Strategy, developing wetland monitoring systems including the California Rapid Assessment Method and the Integrated Wetlands Regional Assessment Program, advising on the Coastal Wetland Change Analysis, and advising on the Temporal Investigations of Marsh Ecoystems (TIME) project.

Wetland Managers Group Members


Chair of the Wetland Managers Group
Carolyn Lieberman, Coastal Program Coordinator for Southern California
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Vice Chair of the Wetland Managers Group
Chris Potter, Wetlands Coordinator
California Natural Resources Agency

Federal Partners

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Paul Amato, Environmental Protection Specialist

National Marine Fisheries Service
Bryant Chesney, Senior Marine Habitat Resource Specialist

Natural Resource Conservation Service
Shea O’Keefe, Biologist

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Corice Farrar, Chief, Orange and Riverside Counties Section
Lawrence Smith, Ecologist

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Slader Buck, Deputy Project Leader, San Diego National Wildlife Refuge
Carolyn Lieberman, Coastal Program Coordinator, Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office

State Partners

California Natural Resources Agency
Chris Potter, Wetlands Coordinator

California Coastal Commission
Jonna Engel, Ecologist
Gabe Buhr, Coastal Program Analyst III

California Environmental Protection Agency

California Department of Fish & Wildlife
Gail Sevrens, Environmental Program Manager

California Department of Parks & Recreation
Darren Smith, Environmental Scientist

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

Coastal Conservancy
Greg Gauthier, South Coast Project Manager

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board
Shirley Birosik, Senior Environmental Scientist 

San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board
Bruce Posthumus, Senior Water Resource Engineer

Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
Wanda Cross, Chief of Basin Planning – Coastal Waters

State Lands Commission
Eric GilliesAssistant Chief, Division of Environmental Planning and Management

State Water Resources Control Board
Bill Orme, Chief of 401 Certification and Wetlands Program

Wildlife Conservation Board
Peter Perrine, Assistant Executive Director
Elizabeth Hubert, Public Land Management Specialist

Ex-Officio Members

Science Advisory Panel Chair
Christine Whitcraft, California State University, Long Beach

California Department of Transportation
Susan Scatolini, District Biologist

NOAA Coastal Training Program
Kristen Goodrich, Coastal Training Program Coordinator

Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
Luz Quinnell, Staff Biologist

San Diego Association of Governments
Keith Greer, Senior Regional Planner