The Latest from the Tijuana Estuary Model Marsh Restoration Project

Posted by brucepaul Posted on 09.02.2013

The Tijuana River and its estuary are dynamic systems. The forces of flood, erosion, sedimentation, storm and fire constantly change the face of the river, the estuary, and other habitats. However, the changes produced by human activities since the mid-19th century are unprecedented in both their scope and impact on native communities. Decades of disturbances to the watershed, such as localized diking, land filling, and extended periods of sewage contamination have significantly altered the environmental factors that control these sensitive habitats. Restoration and protection of these communities are the focus of our effort today.

The Tijuana Estuary Tidal Restoration Program’s (TETRP) is a large multi-phased wetland restoration program involving up to 500 acres of restoration. Its primary objective is to restore valuable habitat processes that have been lost and to increase the exchange of water in a tidal cycle. This will enhance flushing, improve water quality and control sedimentation to ensure the estuary is a sustained natural habitat.